We install the best smart home technology to

Make Your Home Amazing


Your Home on Autopilot 


Control from Anywhere


Blends in Seamlessly


 Let’s be real

Most people don’t want to deal with technology.

We’ve all experienced the frustrations of:

  • Sketchy WiFi

  • Too many product options

  • Poor customer service

  • Glitchy systems

  • Complicated interfaces

  • Aggressive sales people

So don’t deal

Get top-notch technology in your home you can count on.

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Happy e-home customers are talking.


“Their service is second to none. I would recommend them to anyone.”

— Charles H.


"Thank you for always taking care of our problems! A great company!”

— Annie F.


“The e-home team combined leading technology with superb customer service.”

— Tom F.


When you choose the best, you get all the benefits.


Your home technology will:

  • Be simple & easy-to-manage

  • Make your home comfortable & fun

  • Reduce energy cost

  • Automate everything

  • Increase safety & security

  • Set the mood for every occasion

  • Improve your home’s look & feel

  • Be reliable & connected

  • Allow control from anywhere


3 Steps to Your Decked Out Smart Home 

  1. Schedule

You schedule a consultation where we’ll learn what technology you’re looking for.


2. Plan

We become part of your home design team and create a plan for your exact needs & goals.


3. Install

We install the best technology so your home is awesome and everything you want it to be.


Technology should make your home fun to live in. 

Get e-home on your design team. We’ll collaborate with all the right people and make sure your smart home is designed and installed just right.



Lighting is everything in your home. Get speciality lighting that dims smoothly, is easy to use, and makes your home look spectacular.



It’s all about connection and speed. Don’t waste time dealing with crappy, slow WiFi. Get WiFi you can count on so every part of your home is connected.


Window Treatments

Essential for privacy and home aesthetic. Automate your shades and drapes to make life easy. You can even get custom hand-sewn fabrics.


Climate Control

No stress if you forget to turn off the A/C. Easily control your home’s temperatures from your phone — anytime, anywhere.



TVs can be a huge eyesore in your home. We’ll help you get the best TVs installed in the right rooms and built into the design just right.



Of all the places you go, you should feel the safest at home. Get cameras and alarm systems set up so you can drop-in and know what’s going on at all times.



Whether you’re listening to music or watching the big game — high quality well placed speakers make the experience what it should be.


More Cool Stuff

Imagine your home with a video wall, golf simulator, or outdoor theater. We can automate and install just about anything. If you have an idea, ask us.


Only the finest for the NYC metro area. 

We serve Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, The Hamptons, Westchester, New Jersey and Connecticut.


Never question quality.

Know you’ll have first-class brands and products.

These are some of the best brands on the market. They create incredible products and provide top-notch support when it’s needed. If you have specific brands or products you’d like, tell us.  We’ll listen and work with you to make sure you love the end result.


Command your home from your phone.

Watch the video. 

See how simple and seamless it can be.


Certified by the best so you can have confidence.


Don’t just take our word for it.


“The customer service is simply fantastic!”

— Kim S.


“Excellent service all the way through.”

— Christophe D.


“Each project always exceeds my expectations.”

— Sally O.


We’re e-home.

And we believe technology should make your home more beautiful, enjoyable and fun to live in.

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Home is the place you host parties. Set the mood. Watch the big game. Sleep in. Keep your family safe. Crank the A/C in the summer. Dance in the kitchen.

It’s where your life happens. So it should have everything you need to enjoy your life. Technology helps make that happen.

That’s why we’ve been decking out homes with the coolest technology for over 20 years. From the lights to the speakers, it all matters to make your home special and fun to live in.

Our power-packed team of experts know what’s up. We’ll listen to what you want. Shoot you straight. Won’t leave you hanging and will help you through every step of the process.

We’ll help you get a home you love. A home that’s ready for everything.


Our Take Care Guarantee

Let’s be honest. Sometimes technology glitches. We want you to have total peace-of-mind before you even get started. We’ll take care of you. Our 3-part guarantee covers you even after installation is complete.


Easy Updates

Technology changes. We install products that will endure and design technology into your home so updates are easy.


1 Year Warranty

Every system we install is covered by a one-year warranty. So if anything goes wrong, we’ve got you covered.


24/7 Support Available

When help is needed, we’re available day or night.  Our support team can refresh any component in your system remotely.


Discover your home all over again.

Make it smart. Make it fun.