How Smart Home Automation Makes Life More Convenient

Discover the Benefits of a Savant System

Give yourself the gift of convenience, relaxation, and fun with smart home automation in your New York City apartment. Life can get hectic, often leaving us to feel like we don’t have time to do the things we love. In small (but greatly impactful) ways, your smart home system will add ease and comfort to your day to day.

Wondering if home automation is right for you? Continue reading to discover smart home capabilities and the benefits it will grant you!   

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Complete Connectivity

No one likes rummaging through handfuls of remotes just to turn on the TV. Once you add automated shades, thermostats, speakers, and security to your home, you won’t want to manage them each separately. Luckily, with a smart home automation system like Savant, every facet of your smart home is completely controllable from the same place.

Imagine getting ready for bed and pressing “goodnight” on your phone or tablet. Automatically, shades will lower, lights will turn off, thermostats will adjust, and music will stop playing. If you leave the house in a hurry and forget to turn off the AC, you can turn it off anywhere right from your phone. Entertaining becomes easier too with whole home audio incorporated in your system. Play the same playlist over your entire home’s speakers and set your lighting to party mode. The possibilities are endless!  

Energy Efficient

Hoping to make your lifestyle more resourceful? With a smart home system installed, you can monitor exactly how much electricity your lighting, heating, cooling and appliances use, and make informed decisions from there. Plus, you can schedule your lights, temperature, and more to automatically turn on and off so you’ll never have to worry about leaving devices running. And with added motion sensors, vacant rooms will go dark until activity is detected again. You’ll save energy without any additional stress or thought!

Increase Safety

If you’re often anxious about leaving your pets or kids home alone, or have trouble sleeping as you fret about a potential break-in, your Savant system will take that weight off your shoulders. Connect security cameras, motion sensors, and alarms to your smart home, so that you’ll receive alerts straight to your phone. If you’re going away on vacation, turn on and off lights and even turn on your audio system from across the world to make it appear you never left home. With smart home automation, you won’t need to worry about safety any longer.

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