Making Your Home More Private, Efficient, and Elegant with Custom Window Treatments


How Motorized Shades and Custom Treatments Can Transform Your Home

As New Yorkers, we don’t always live with the most privacy. Late at night, your living room window may be unintentionally illuminated to onlookers. Having a great view of the city is everyone’s dream — but getting dressed in the morning shouldn’t feel like an exhibition.

That’s where custom window installations make life easier. Your shades will automatically raise and lower, giving you privacy exactly when you need it — plus several additional benefits.

Discover the advantages of custom window treatments to help you decide if they’re a good fit for your New York City home.

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It’s More Convenient

Raising and lowering your blinds may not take too much effort, but once you’ve lived with motorized shades, you will realize how efficient they are. Control your window treatments directly from your smartphone or by voice command, adjusting the blinds in every room at once. Or set a schedule with your smart home control system like Savant so that upon sunrise or nightfall, your windows will automatically adjust. Once your windows are conveniently automated, the following advantages will occur, too.


You’ll Save Energy

When your custom window treatments are connected to a smart home system, blinds can react automatically to temperature and sunlight sensors. Smart shades will know to close during the hottest part of the day in summer, keeping your apartment or house cool. In winter, windows can let sunlight in to warm the room naturally, reducing the need to crank the heat. Your household will reduce its HVAC usage, both lowering energy bills and assisting the environment. 


Furniture Won’t Fade

While you’re at work and out for the day, schedule your shades to instinctually lower. This will protect your furniture, books, artwork, and other belongings from fading in the sun. As the years go by, your home will stay beautiful, maintaining its appearance on its own. 


Elegant Appearance

On top of all of this, customized window treatments will also make your home’s aesthetic neat and stylish. Because every shade will raise and lower at the same time, every blind will be in perfect alignment — a dream come true for neat freaks. You won’t need unsightly rope pull chords, and with the shades controlled from your smart device, there won’t be another remote control piled on the coffee table


Ready to Get Started?

If custom window treatments sound like a solution for your home, let e-home help. We’re window treatment professionals, not AV guys who do shades on the side. With installations like the Lutron Palladiom Shading System, you can expect a whisper-quiet performance and sleek design. We know how to build a beautiful, well-functioning system with your choice of Roman shades, custom draperies, and window valences. 


To learn more about adding custom window treatments to your home, call e-home at (800) 232-6651, fill out our contact form, or chat with customer service below!