Ben Rosner

Ben founded e-home in 1996. He had a vision to simplify people’s lives by seamlessly integrating technology into the home. After 15 years of experience installing audio/video systems on 5 continents, Ben resolved not to start another a/v company. Instead, e-home was conceived as a totally new type of firm, merging various fields of technology into a single discipline.

Ben graduated with a B.A. from Columbia University in 1984, studying computer science at the dawn of the personal computing revolution. At that time, access to the university’s mainframe was limited, so he built a computer terminal to log in right from his dorm room. Over the years Ben invented various cutting edge products for simplifying life. One of them received a U.S. Patent in 2002.

Today Ben oversees new projects and pioneers emerging technologies at e-home. In his spare time, he develops solutions for simplifying large wine collections with his other company, eSommelier.


Jonas Buzzerio
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Since joining e-home in 1996, Jonas grew the firm from a 2-man start-up to a leading home technology consultancy. His approach is to provide every customer with first class service, no matter what it takes.

Jonas began his career in a family-owned business where operational, financial, and management skills developed. He later served as project manager for a high-end residential contractor in Manhattan. His experience collaborating with architects, interior designers, and homeowners helped to shape e-home’s culture of white glove service. Jonas’s understanding and appreciation of the luxury lifestyle has elevated e-home’s standards to the level expected by New York’s elite clientele.

Today Jonas oversees operations and customer service for e-home. As technology evolves, he develops elegant upgrade strategies for existing installations. Jonas is also a pioneer of remote support technologies for diagnosis and repair of systems without stepping foot in the home.